What we passed on the road …

It has been a long drive down to Florida. We left New York yesterday morning, with in a combination of snow, rain & sleet. Today is rained hard most of the day. During a brief respite in the weather we passed this truck with a very unusual rear end. iPhone image edited on the iPad

Off we go…almost

I took this photo yesterday, at the Northport Farmers’ Market, as a parting shot before we head south in our RV. I was hoping to buy some local apples for the trip, and I was in luck with a bag of Empire apples from Wickham Fruit Farms in Cutchogue. We aren’t leaving until tomorrow, but we had to sample the apples, and they are delicious. iPhone image edited on the iPad I’ll be posting from the road, as we head first to North Carolina and…Continue Reading “Off we go…almost”

Interstate 64 in Virginia…

We spent yesterday driving home from New Bern. Our preferred route takes up US 17 through eastern North Carolina, through the Dismal Swamp and on to I64 in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, before crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to the Eastern Shore. We passed the two vehicles in these photos on I64. Both were two interesting to pass up — luckily I had my iPhone handy and snapped the pictures through the passenger window. iPhone image edited on the iPad

What is that under the tree?

Driving on the eastern shore of Virginia, on our way to New Bern, North Carolina, we stopped at the rest stop just before crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. I spotted what looked like ping-pong balls on the ground under a tree – and were actually a type of mushroom. iPhone image edited on the iPad

Home on the range…

We drove up to Tucson today, and on the road north from Sierra Vista I was once again awed by high desert. Since we were driving (Eddie was actually driving, I was riding shotgun) the easiest camera to grab was my iPhone.