These images were posted on Facebook during the first week of the new year. Next week I’ll expand the blog to include more images that were not posted on Facebook. I need to “stretch my wings” and spend some time each day on my creative endeavors. I don’t know if I’ve been blocked, lazy, or just overwhelmed with everything else life throws at me!  

My Garden in Spring … Rhodedendrons and Azalesare in full bloom. Last fall I planted garlic in my vegetable garden and I have plants that are obviously traditional garlic, but I also have plants with beautiful purple flowers — all I can think of is that I palnted Elephant garlic too. Lastly, the first Irises are blooming. 

Not a fishing boat … Traveling back to New York from Florida, we decided to give our RV a break and take the ferry from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey. As we neared our destination a huge flock of gull covered followed the ferry — maybe the birds were hoping they were following a fishing boat. I was shooting  with the long lens on my Nikon, but just had take some shots with my iPhone. I used the camera in the Lightroom app…Continue Reading