Color or Black & White? Back in the days of film photography you used either color or black & white film. With the advent of digital photography, the choice became one to make when editing. While most digital cameras, and mobile camera apps, offer a black & white mode, I prefer making my choices in post. My preference for some of the garden macro images I posted yesterday is black & while. Editing was done in Lightroom Mobile — and after changing to black &…Continue Reading

2017 begins with macros … I am loving the iPhone 7 plus camera, and just before Christmas I received a mounting plate for attaching my Moment lenses. I know I will be using the wide angle lens for landscape shots, and I am am so happy to be able to finally use the macro lens again. What I don’t need any more is the Moment telephoto lens – in my mind the iPhone 7 plus dual lens has made it superfluous (more about that in…Continue Reading