Baby Brendan …

This is the week for babies. I ran into someone I haven’t seen a a long while. Her little 6-month old was so alert. He smiled at me, but I misses that shot! iPhone image edited on the iPad


We don’t get to see our grandnieces often enough, and we jumped at the chance to meet them, and their grandparents, for dinner at Disney World the day after Christmas. I only had my point and shoot Panasonic with me, but shooting in RAW I was able to get a few shots I really liked. The two photos shown here were edited on the iPad in Photoshop Touch.

A Happy Birthday

More shots taken during a run. I spied balloons up ahead, and when I reached them there were two little girls, each holding a balloon, and woman holding the rest. I stopped and asked if it was somebody’s birthday. The taller of the girls said it was her birthday and that she was four years old. Her friend chimed in that she was three, and the birthday girl said she used to be three, but today she is four. They were so cute! iPhone image…Continue Reading “A Happy Birthday”


On Friday I was driving home from an errand when I came upon my friend Margaret and her grandson Luke waiting at the bus stop for his first day of kindergarten. I whipped out my trusty iPhone and took a picture to document the day. It Is a cute photo, but it would look better without the sign post behind Luke’s shoulder. With Photoshop Touch on my iPad I was able to cover over the post with trees.


Much better!

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Ok, I have to admit prejudice — Brianna & Julianna are my granddaughters and I love them to pieces — but they really are beautiful, photogenic girls. We had a blast playing with them today, and we miss them so much already after their Memorial Day weekend visit to New York.

A few more iPhone photos…

…both edited in Photoshop Touch. The first is a butterfly taken in the Butterfly House in EPCOT at Disney World, which is up for the duration of the Flower and Garden Festival. I didn’t have my Nikon with me when we visited, and want to get back with the DSLR. The second is a photo of our grandniece. I love to capture kids when they are not posing — the facial expressions are so much better than when they look at the camera with a…Continue Reading “A few more iPhone photos…”