2017 begins with macros …
I am loving the iPhone 7 plus camera, and just before Christmas I received a mounting plate for attaching my Moment lenses. I know I will be using the wide angle lens for landscape shots, and I am am so happy to be able to finally use the macro lens again. What I don’t need any more is the Moment telephoto lens – in my mind the iPhone 7 plus dual lens has made it superfluous (more about that in another post). My first photo “assignment” of the new year was to take macro shots in my garden.
The flowers in this image measure approximate ¼ inch. I find that I really need to use my reading glasses when taking macro photos — there is such a fine line between a focused and unfocused image.

All of the images were captured directly in Adobe Lightroom, using the built-in camera in Lightroom Mobile app. Photos were shot in RAW and edited on the iPhone in the Lightroom app.