1932 Iron Workers’ Lunch

Today’s photograph of art in New York City is a large statue that we passed while walking through the lower east side. It was attached to parked truck, but was obviously in the process of being moved. The plaque on the bottom of the statue read 1932 Rockafeller Center Iron Workers’ Lunch Time. It reminded me of the statues in the FDR Memorial in Washington, DC. — The same type of rendered figures. Magnificent!

Bears everywhere…

Beginning in 1999 with cows in Chicago, fiberglass animal statues, painted by local artists, have appeared in cities around the country. Here in New Bern, North Carolina, the animal statues all over town are bears. This bear welcomes guests at the entrance to the Comfort Suites where we are staying while visiting my mother. iPhone image edited on the iPad with Adobe Photoshop Touch.