It’s been a long time …

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I didn’t realize how long it has been since my last post until I started this one. Ouch. I have definitely been in a photographic funk for the past month. However, I thought posting these two shots would be good examples of the iPhone as a point & shoot camera.

The two shots were taken at a Tampa Bay Lightening hockey game last Tuesday. We were sitting in the top tier of seats. The camera is set to HDR, (high dynamic range*), and in the second photo I used the digital zoom feature.



iPhone image without edits

*With High Dynamic Range photography the camera takes three successive photos in different exposures – underexposed, overexposed, middle exposure – and combines then into one image with increased dynamic range. The resulting photograph is closer to what the human eye sees than a standard photos. On the iPhone the flash is automatically turned off when HDR is turned on.

The final image is the first photo with a small amount of editing to bring out some of the shadow area.