The camera you have…

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An article in the Personal Tech section of today’s New York Times is is titled Strolling Artists Bearing iPhones (link to article), and it talks about taking, and making, good photographs with an iPhone (or an Android SmartPhone). The idea is a good one, because as it is said, the best camera is the one you have with you, and in this day and age, most of us always have our phones with us. Since I got my iPhone last year I have been impressed with the quality of the photos it produces, and the increasing quality of the photo editing apps. I have to admit having over 1,000 photos on my phone right now – I really have to do some paring down.

On Tuesday I post a sunflower photo, taken with my iPhone and edited with the Filterstorm app. The app is a powerful editing tool with a user-friendly interface. I usually opt for free apps, but the reviews I read for Filterstorm were so positive I decided to buy the app for $3.99. I’ve posted a several screen shots that show Filterstorm as I processed the sunflower photo. Click on the first photos and slideshow through the set to see all the screen images. The Filterstorm is available on from iTunes for the iPhone and iPad — go to for more information.

Home Screen
Choose source
Filterstorm menu
Canvas menu




Filter menu


Preview choices
Edit preview
Brightness/Contrast sliders
Curves for fine tuning
Save to Library or Email
Select size & quality