These photos were taken at the docks in Chestertown, Maryland, an idyllic college town on the banks of the Chester River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Taking the three photos together they begged to become a Triptych.

In late January the north shore of Hawaii experienced the largest waves in over a decade, so towering over 50 feet. We drove up to to see them, and they were truly amazing. I posted one photo a while ago, but now that I am sorting and editing I’ve found a few really good ones. These photo were all taken on February 23  at Pupukea Beach Park, located in Oahu’s north shore between Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach, two very popular surfing locations.

Surf’s Up

I’ve always wanted to see the January surf on the north shore of Hawaii, and this week I did. We were with our little granddaughters, so hiking on the highway for the best vantage point was out of the question, but we found a good beach for viewing. I am traveling with only my iPad, and I haven’t yet had time (the granddaughters can be demanding of my time) to do much sorting or editing, but I did want to get at least one image…Continue Reading “Surf’s Up”