Make Music … Both photos taken with iPhone’s. The cello with the iPhone 6, the piano with the iPhone 7 plus. Both taken in color. The piano was edited in Lightroom on the Mac, then taken into Photoshop for a little tweaking. The. Elbow was edited in Lightroom Mobile on the iPad and taken into Adobe Fix to remove legs showing in the top right corner of the original photo. 

The most surprising sights … Driving on a rural road in the Green Swamp of Central Florida we passed this very unique fence/art installation. Capture and edited in Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 7 plus.

Color or Black & White? Back in the days of film photography you used either color or black & white film. With the advent of digital photography, the choice became one to make when editing. While most digital cameras, and mobile camera apps, offer a black & white mode, I prefer making my choices in post. My preference for some of the garden macro images I posted yesterday is black & while. Editing was done in Lightroom Mobile — and after changing to black &…Continue Reading

2017 begins with macros … I am loving the iPhone 7 plus camera, and just before Christmas I received a mounting plate for attaching my Moment lenses. I know I will be using the wide angle lens for landscape shots, and I am am so happy to be able to finally use the macro lens again. What I don’t need any more is the Moment telephoto lens – in my mind the iPhone 7 plus dual lens has made it superfluous (more about that in…Continue Reading