Views From the Passenger Seat…Not So Wildlife

When We stayed at this same campground three years ago I took a series of photos of ducks down by the river. The ducks were not at the river today, but around 6:00, while I was in the laundry room doing wash, Eddie called me from the RV to tell me to go outside and see the ducks. They were walking in a line through the campground — right into their pen for the night. I wasn’t quick enough to snap the ducks while they…Continue Reading “Views From the Passenger Seat…Not So Wildlife”

Views From the Passenger Seat…Junction, Texas

We spent the night at an RV park in Junction, TX, about 100 miles east of San Antonio. The campground is located on the North Llano River, and I took a few shots to test the artistic measure of the iPhone camera. I am happy with the results — and impresses with the macro capability. A very versatile lens. Of course, it doesn’t offer depth of field options, but for what it does do, it does very well.

Views From the Passenger Seat…Mighty Mississippi

We crossed the Mississippi in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The traffic in and out of Baton Rouge was heavy. Not a fun part of the trip. Of course, I am the passenger and co-pilot. Eddie is the one doing all the work. I really don’t know how he does it! He is such a good driver. This photo was taken, unaware, as Eddie was driving. A blurry shot — I’ll have to take a better one.

Views From the Passenger Seat…Bayou States

Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana look pretty much the same along Interstate 10 — farms, rural towns, and swampy rivers of grass. Since the I am taking most of the photos from inside the RV, I am obviously shooting through glass. Sometimes the glass produces glare. But I have found that if I hold the camera lens flat against the side window I can get a pretty good picture. Surprisingly, the camera must be shooting at a pretty high speed, because there is not any noticeable…Continue Reading “Views From the Passenger Seat…Bayou States”

Views From the Passenger Seat…Leaving Florida

We left Florida this morning as the fog was finally lifting. This photo was taken as we entered Alabama. You will notice the heads at the bottom of the photo — reminiscent of watching SciFi movies on Mystery Theater 3000. We have a menagerie of small, stuffed animas that sit on the dashboard. They appear in many of my photos, looking like an audience watching through the window. The iPhone features a 5 megapixel camera with a fairly wide angle lens. The built-in camera app…Continue Reading “Views From the Passenger Seat…Leaving Florida”

Westward Ho

Yesterday afternoon were ransomed our motor home from the repair shop and started on our trip to Arizona. We aren’t planning a leisurely trip, because our goal is to get to Sierra Vista, Arizona, as quickly as we can — we are so anxious to see Brian, Vanessa, and our granddaughters. I am going to document the trip as “Views From the Passenger Seat,” with photos taken with my iPhone. The only editing, which will be very minor, will be done on the phone using…Continue Reading “Westward Ho”