My Garden in Spring … Rhodedendrons and Azalesare in full bloom. Last fall I planted garlic in my vegetable garden and I have plants that are obviously traditional garlic, but I also have plants with beautiful purple flowers — all I can think of is that I palnted Elephant garlic too. Lastly, the first Irises are blooming. 

Not a fishing boat … Traveling back to New York from Florida, we decided to give our RV a break and take the ferry from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey. As we neared our destination a huge flock of gull covered followed the ferry — maybe the birds were hoping they were following a fishing boat. I was shooting  with the long lens on my Nikon, but just had take some shots with my iPhone. I used the camera in the Lightroom app…Continue Reading

Please take me home … Earlier this season we went to an estate sale where every room was filled with paraphernalia. The lady who had owned the house also owned some type of store. Three rooms were filled with dolls and stuffed animals just begging to be adopted. All of the images were captured with the iPhone 7 Plus and edited in the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom. Not much had to be done to the photos — mostly I adjusted the exposure settings and in…Continue Reading

Take me out to the ballgame… These photos were taken at opening day, Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL. Some thing about the stadium photos made me want to give them an old time feeling. The photos were take with the iPhone 7 Plus in telephoto mode using the Lightroom zMobile camera app. Using the app I was able manipulate the exposure and tonality for the feeling I wanted to express.      

Rural Central Florida … The term “old Florida” conjuours many images. Living winters in a pocket of rural Central Florida evokes a feeling of what most of the state looked like in days gone by. All of the photos were taken with an iPhone 7 plus and edited on the iPhone in Lightroom Mobile.  

Make Music … Both photos taken with iPhone’s. The cello with the iPhone 6, the piano with the iPhone 7 plus. Both taken in color. The piano was edited in Lightroom on the Mac, then taken into Photoshop for a little tweaking. The. Elbow was edited in Lightroom Mobile on the iPad and taken into Adobe Fix to remove legs showing in the top right corner of the original photo. 

The most surprising sights … Driving on a rural road in the Green Swamp of Central Florida we passed this very unique fence/art installation. Capture and edited in Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 7 plus.